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All the twelve types of 1 bed to 3-bed apartment, duplex, townhome and 4-plex residences have extra storage, but the size of the built-in storage would depend on the floor space of the residence. Larger residences like townhomes have larger Links at Parkville Apartment extra storage.

Inside the bedroom, you have an oversized closet on your right. In front of the bed is a beautiful walnut brown finish wood cabinet with six large drawers enough to be used for extra storage of smaller items, even clothes. The single large glass window can be placed a window cover to control light, as part of Links at Parkville Apartment extra storage.

The bathroom has all the necessary components to induce comfort. You have a fairly large shower room with movable cover, with options for warm or cold water. Above the toilet is a large white rectangular cabinet box where you can place toiletries even medicines.

Beside the toilet is a white porcelain basin for face and hand wash embedded in about 6 by 2 feet granite countertops with backsplash. Below the countertops is a spacious white cabinet with drawers that can be used for Links at Parkville Apartment extra storage.

In the 2-Bed 1.5-Bath apartment model, a foyer exists between the bedrooms, the bathroom the kitchen and the washroom. The master bedroom is larger and has a side closet and a storage space. All the rooms have separate entrances through the foyer. The smaller bedroom has an internal closet and storage space. The bathroom is located at the end of the foyer beside the small bedroom of the Links at Parkville Apartment extra storage.

The Links at Parkville Apartment extra storage depends on the floor plan or design of the various apartment models. The located arrangement and area in terms of square feet also differs from one apartment design to another. With some creativity, you can find out the extra storage areas inside your apartment.

Links at Parkville Apartment is a recipient of the 2015 SatisFACTS Resident Satisfaction National Company Award. The picturesque Links at Parkville Apartment community is built around a large area of property laid out according to the natural geographic contours of the site. We accept credit card and electronic payments.

Come see for yourself the Links at Parkville Apartment extra storage. We’ll give you a nice tour of Links at Parkville at 11107 NW Lema Dr. Parkville, MO 64152. Call us at (816) 587-9800 or send us a message at . Office hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM from Monday to Friday, and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays.


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